You are not in a legal position to demand anything.

He was persuaded to be more sensible.


I'm going to stay at home tonight.


I found it a lot of fun to play tennis with Paul.


Dan's car was the only one in the parking lot.


It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society.

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Is this what you were searching for?

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Any house rules I should know about?

All that's left for me is to drink myself silly with vodka and to get lost in sleep.

I got only a C on the spelling test today because I forgot to study for it.


She locked herself in her bedroom.

If you have a couple minutes, could you hear me out?

Do you have younger brothers?

Leora's career spanned 1993 to 2013.

I couldn't catch the train.

It seems absolutely ridiculous.

The fish is not in the water.

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I know this area like the back of my hand.

That's to say, I have a better understanding of the Chinese nation.

Hey, why are you crying?

Helen needs financial help.

You seem to have it all figured out.

The water is deepest here.

To all appearance it is true.

Kyung persuaded Stu to go back to Boston with him.

Who escaped?

Nguyen clearly isn't happy to be here.

It works incredibly well.

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Wolverine can kill a prey that is 5 times the size of it, but only in rather deep snow where large animals get stuck.

Everyone liked her.

It looks like Merton is getting ready to leave.

Don't threaten me. I won't say anything.

It looks like Sedat got what he wanted.

Kit helps me a lot.

Natraj overheard Kuldip and John's conversation.

Spass and I had dinner together when you and Dieter were visiting Boston.

It's the first time I shake hands with the mayor.

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She plays the violin well.


Ben said he couldn't make it tonight, but he could make it some other time.

He has the most disrespectful attitude towards women I've ever seen.

Gambling is legal in Nevada.


The only useful answers are those that raise new questions.


Everything felt normal.

Ravindranath didn't even say good-bye.

I prefer to go swimming.

You shouldn't be so prideful.

This train calls at all stations to Wimbledon.


She looked in at the show window.

We use a calculator to do our accounts.

Why are you looking at Duke?


I think that'll cover all Ann's expenses.

Nicholas has been working hard.

I'm going to ask you to leave and not come back here.

I want to get away from the noise.

Who got murdered?

My uncle is a lousy driver.

This is my dictionary.

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Everyone must die one day.

Did you have fun over the weekend?

Why do you know that?


Max is frustrated that his girlfriend hasn't yet called him back.


Let him use my dressing room.

Will they go together?

A woman appeared from behind a tree.

Talking like this, we are getting nowhere.

I've heard barley is yielding fruit in Sisku's field.

I've never seen that kind of tree before.

I think you did it.


I wish I'd planted more lettuce this year.

I don't think Trent will be in Boston next summer.

Let f be the canonical map.

I don't like the way he talks.

I hate being ill.


I don't think you'll make it in the special forces.

Thought it was noise on the street, I could hear my name called.

Terrence had difficulty convincing Oleg to quit her job.

I could have prevented this.

I just missed them.


There's no denying that he looks so funny in that costume.

Take deep breaths.

My cat likes it when I scratch her behind the ears.

I'll let you know the results as soon as I can.

You have two books.

This is what I found.

I've been thinking a lot about Charles.

We will fight to the last.

I'll find him myself.


It might not work.


Wow, he drank five bottles of wine!

All those who made the grade in entering that school could not have done so only by cramming.

I thought you weren't supposed to talk to Will.

I hurt my foot.

Wendell was hiding in the shadows.

I do hope you understand.

My car's over there.

I'll never hurt you, Toerless.

Amir should apologize to Donna.


Life is more than what we see.


We must not stop here.


If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

What do you recommend to me?

Don't forget to take the first-aid kit.

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Whether he agrees to my opinion or not, I will do the work.

You can't control me, Tracey.

I can't help but laugh at how foolish you were.

Dan assured Linda that he would do all he could to find her daughter.

Our dorm's heating system isn't working properly.


This distillery uses organic grains and distills its whiskey from scratch.


They call him Bruce.


The girl brought me a red and a white rose.

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I don't see that ever changing.

She is on death row.

Jarl, stop pulling my hair!

I've studied you.

I'm taking a shower right now.

That's foolish.

Don't bother asking me to go.

He needed space.

I want to know who helped you do your homework.

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Sharon thinks very highly of you.


Fletcher is in no position to argue.

I'll go tell everybody what you just told me.

The smaller planets hovering around the planet Jupiter reminded him of the guards surrounding a king when he walked outdoors, and Kepler called them satellites.


Bring Tran over.


You have to go to the hospital.


Have you questioned him?

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Nobody here does that anymore.

Would you like some coffee?

Were you with my father today?

I feel the same way you do.

Why do you never clean up after yourself?


I'm not saying this twice.

Rayan got involved with people who had a really bad influence on him.

Where was the police?

I can't believe Ritchey is really gone.

I don't treat you like enemies.


Will you please stick a 60-yen stamp on the envelope?

Miriamne is the best student in our class.

April showers bring May flowers.


Lester was the only one without enough money for the trip.

I'm never going back.

Of soccer and rugby, I prefer the latter.


She bought a tea set.

Please support Lojban!

I'm tired of translating.

Dean wrote a suicide note.

It was too much.

When and where did you buy that old clock?

It is surprising how little she knows of the world.

It is very impolite of him to decline their invitation.

The company is starting to implement the new management system from next month.


You can talk about anything under the sun.

The ambulance went out of control and came close to running over a pedestrian.

We trusted her.

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For this it's definitely worth coming.

What's your best price?

The sea will turn deep by itself.